A Day at EPG

The kindergarten opens for our early birds, at 7.30. Free play continues until 9.15, In this important phase children discover their world and others who accompany them in it. It is a time for them to have their own experiences and a time for us to get to know and guide them. 
During this time the children may play wherever, and with whom they wish, and the carers role is to support this time of enriched learning. The developments of their self- fantasy, their motor and physical skills as well as their cognitive development all take place during this time. 

The Morning Programme

Around 9 o’clock the chimes are rung downstairs, which is the signal that it is time to tidy up.
The children then meet in their home rooms. The Juniors are divided into the “Blueberries” and the “Strawberries.” The pre-school children are the “Seniors”.

Snack Time

Snack time is an important social time, where the children come together in their home room groups to eat, drink and enjoy talking to each other.
We have many rituals ranging from the snack train, greeting the staff and singing a “Thank you song.”During this time the children are served by the staff in order to maximize the English input.
Towards the end of the year we have open snack time; where the children have the opportunity to decide when they go to snack, and with whom.
Snack time is provided by the Kindergarten and comprises of bread and butter, fruit and vegetables, and tea, milk or water to drink.  

Lesson Time

During this time each group, comprising of about 15 children, are in their home room with their carers. There are two native speakers to each group.
In lesson time the children will be offered activities which will enhance their motor skills, language skills, and dexterity, expose them to the world of fantasy and fact, dream world and the world we live in.
During this 30-minute homeroom phase the children either take part in structured play or the teacher creates a quiet atmosphere reading stories and encouraging the children to actively take part in speaking English in a playful way as they sit together in a circle. The kindergarten’s daily routine plays a major role in the development of the children’s English skills as it forms the framework for their exposure to English in a variety of contexts.

Cleaning Teeth

Naturally after snack time the children are helped to clean their teeth.
Avos visits the Play Group twice a year to carry out their programme of dental hygiene and prevention and a healthy life style.

Circle Time

To conclude the “Home Room Time” the Juniors and Seniors reunite in the gym for “circle time” during which the children take part in English songs, chants, rhymes and games.

The Seniors

The pre-school programme covers the three areas; the physical, social and cognitive “reife”( competencies).
The physical programme includes ice skating, self and body awareness, balance, and learning rules and building confidence
A full pre- maths programme is offered to the children, as well as science experiments aimed at the understanding of this age group.
Love talks is offered to the children. This pre-school programme includes self awareness, critical and creative feelings, emotions and guilt feelings, as well as self awareness
During the homeroom phase the role call also takes place and it is generally used as a time for encouraging oral discourse.

This structured phase is again followed by free play, either spent in the various activity rooms or if weather allows, outdoors in our large garden until the children are collected or lunch is served. There is also an afternoon kindergarten until 5pm with a less structured programme but neither of us work in the afternoons, so this time will not be utilized for our research purposes.


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