Our Aims and Goals

Our policy is that child development and achievement is enhanced when parents and the English Play Group work together in partnership. The Kindergarten is an extension of and not a substitute for the home, and therefore we strive to support the family unit and build a tie between home and Kindergarten.

Not only do we encourage independence we also help children to develop a self image, a wholesome attitude towards their “self” for a good start toward reaching their potential.
Through our extensive programme we aim to give the children basic experiences for future learning, and give them a thirst for and an opportunity to increase their knowledge by question asking and exploring their environment.
We encourage the children to develop their natural curiosity through providing ample first- hand experience.
The development and awareness of their five senses is an integral part of our programme.
In addition we provide stimulating experiences which encourage the child to think, analyze problems, and to arrive at different possible solutions.


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