Our Language Philosophy

The learning strategy of the kindergarten is based on the natural method in which English native speakers are the carers and language givers and for the most part communicate among themselves and with the children in only English. The positive effect is that the children expect the teachers to speak English and therefore have a direct, natural approach to it. This immerses the children in a natural English environment giving them the opportunity to hear and thereby learn English as they would their mother tongue. The children are given a natural approach to the English language.
Unlike other kindergartens or classes, where the children’s language knowledge is quite clear due to curricula structured teaching and testing methods, the full extent of the knowledge of the children in this kindergarten cannot be assessed. At the English Play Group they all receive the same opportunity for language exposure but the children vary greatly in their background, personality, perception and language abilities. We do not give specific language lessons but incorporate language acquisition into relevant everyday activities that are carried out in English and are intended to advance the children’s general development.  The children are unaware that they are being taught English and we do not officially assess their language skills. This aspect is observed, monitored and discussed informally between the staff and parents as required.


“The development of communicative skills can only take place if learners have motivation and opportunity to express their own identity and to relate with the people around them. It therefore requires a learning atmosphere which gives them a sense of security and values as individuals. In turn this atmosphere depends to a large extent on the existence of interpersonal relationships which do not create inhibitions, but are supportive and accepting. The encouragement of such relationships is an essential concern of a communicative approach to foreign language teaching.” (Littlewood 1981: 93) 


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