Our House

Our Aims and Goals

Our principle is that child development and achievement is enhanced when parents and the English Play Group work together.
The kindergarten is an extension of and not a substitute for home. Therefore we strive to support the family unit and build a bond between home and Kindergarten.
Our kindergarten has an optimal atmosphere so that the children feel safe and comfortable and can grow and develop physically, mentally and emotionally.

The heart of our facility is our large garden with old trees, a sandpit and a small vegetable garden, which we like to use in all weather conditions.


Our Rooms

The children can choose where they want to play during the free play time. There are 3 spacious, differently equipped rooms as well as the gym and a doll's corner at their disposal.

In all rooms there is a large number of books for the children, as we encourage early playful reading. In addition, a story is read to the children every day in English by our carers.


Here, the equipment is set up differently everyday. The children are encouraged to discover their physical boundaries through movement, jumping, balancing and climbing. There is the opportunity for more physical activity using a variety of sports equipment such as mats, ladders, slides, hoops, tunnels, benches, balancing equipment.


The children can play role games here. There are dolls and stuffed animals, a table with a small couch, a small room under the stairs, and a shop. There are also many clothes for dressing up, which not only stimulates the imagination but is also great fun.
The small, exclusive kindergarten of two friends has become an internationally renowned example for the Natural Approach method. Every year we welcome teachers from all over the world who then pass on our method to their students.


The English Play Group was founded in 1980 by two English mothers and educators (Ione Steinhäusler und Diana Langes) for their children to grow up in an English speaking environment. Their aim was to enhance their children's language competencies and to offer an English pre-school experience.

International since 1980

The English Play Group was and still is the only Kindergarten for Salzburg’s children to acquire the English language via the the Natural Approach method and where all communication during the kindergarten day is exclusively in English. The children are cared for by our staff who are all native speakers with a wide experience of the needs and requirements of the young learner. Our carers come from the UK, the United States, Canada and Australia. Originally the Kindergarten was in St. Paul, Riedenburg. Since then the English Play Group has moved several times to accommodate the ever growing demand. Our current home is in a villa in Aigen, a very quiet and safe area, and offers a large garden.

Our Team

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