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Fifty children attend our Kindergarten and are divided into three groups according to their age. Each group has two native speakers responsible for their children. The 5-6 year-old children who will start school the following year are placed in the first group called “the Seniors”.  The three to five year olds are called “the Juniors” and are subdivided into two groups, namely the “Strawberries” and the “Blueberries”. These two groups run basically parallel to each other in separate rooms. Fixed homerooms with their teachers are decided upon in order to offer the children and parents the security of knowing where they belong and to whom they can always turn. The age and gender of these children are very much taken into consideration when placing new children in order to make sure that the groups are well mixed. Many of the children are at the kindergarten for a total of three years, some for even four years, others for only two years. As a result, the junior children vary greatly in the exposure they have had to English.


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